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I’ve always known that being a Democrat was right for me, because I care so deeply about fairness. Running for County Council has helped me to be able to articulate why I am running. I’m doing it because teaching our children well is not a business transaction. We’re creating the world we want to live in.

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Championing Our Public Library System

Some of my earliest memories are of exploring the “big kids” section at my elementary school’s library. The first computers I ever saw were there--big, clunky things where you could play Oregon Trail on floppy disk.


Now, many years later, the technology has changed, and so has my appreciation for these vital public institutions. They aren’t just great places to while away an afternoon playing computer games anymore.


For many of us--myself included--they’re a way to access the wider world. A way to learn and grow through encounters with new ideas and unfamiliar perspectives. They’re places of respite and community building for friends and neighbors of all ages, who come from all walks of life.


We’ve got a lot to be proud of in our public library system here. As your Councilwoman, I’ll champion this indispensable community asset, and work hard to widen access to its resources, so that everyone in Richland County can take advantage of it.

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