Allison Terracio


to share a creative and artful experience, to feel your body's potential for healing and expression, and to have some time to receive and reflect upon the gift of your life and breath.  She is continually inspired to step up as a teacher and student and can't believe that she still loves to do this even after over fifteen years of practice and a decade of teaching.  She loves the conversation of yoga and does her very best to keep good company with her teachers, including Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller-Ortega.  Allison's teaching has been called 'evocative' and 'poetic', and she is known for her skill in sequencing toward poses in a way that feels subtle and yet powerful.  

In addition to playfully approaching the more advanced postures, she is also an incredibly skilled and patient teacher of beginners, she adores pregnant ladies, and has a skilled eye and hand for therapeutic applications of yoga.  She is grateful to the students of her former studio in Louisville, KY, who were there for her first 10,000 hours of teaching.  It was there that she developed these skills, learned to be more curious, and continually asked "Is this possible?"

Allison lives in Columbia with her husband and son, where she puts the practice of yoga into her daily behaviors.  She has a real 'country girl/city girl' vibe, and has interests ranging from what's happening at Fashion Week to biodynamic farming.  She is currently reading Alignment Matters: The First Five Years of Katy Says by Katy Bowman, M.S., alongside the New Yorker and the Vogue

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Allison teaches regular weekly classes at City Yoga

in Columbia, SC. 

Monday, 9:30-10:45AM Align & Flow

Friday, 5:30-6:45PM Align & Flow

Favorite and formative teachers

  1. *Zhenja LaRosa

  2. *Douglas Brooks

  3. *Lois Nesbitt


In Allison’s classes, you can expect